HT Weierwei V1000

Toko : Toko Mentari Komunikasi

Alamat : Jl. Chairil Anwar No.21 Kreo Larangan, Tangerang, Banten

Wilayah Operasional : Tangerang

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Telusuri Toko

HT Weierwei VEV-V1000 set to light body, the appearance of small, feel comfortable and easy to carry, reliable performance for a multi-function wireless walkie-talkie. To his waist in the same system can work easily. Its innovative design, stability and reliability of the circuit, two-row dot matrix display a variety of colors and the background lights are designed to highlight humanity, is your ideal of a walkie-talkie. Features Section 128 memory channels, DTMF codec, double-dot matrix display screen cloth, the radio features ,2-tone / 5-tone, VHF 5W/UHF 4W output power, narrow band width available (25kHZ/12.5kHz), ANI identification Code, VOX launch voice features, scan multifunctional, Scrambler device so close, adjustable three-color screen background lights, emergency call button, in both English and Chinese programming software, the computer can be used to write frequency, Random allocation, Rubber antenna, battery, battery charger, belt folder, Manual Frequency Range 136.000 ? 174.000 MHz, 350.000 ? 390.000 MHz, 400.000 ? 470.000 MHz, Number Of Channel 128, Operation Temperature -20? ? +50?, Operating Voltage DC7.2V, Antenna Impedance 50?, Weight 220g, Size 100x55x32mm